SmithMartial arts center

Specializing in Self Defense for the real world.

A Word from Mr. Smith

One of the reasons I originally came into martial arts is for the life skills that it teaches the younger generation. Frequently, these personal attributes that define someone's character are missing during formative years. Martial Arts  stresses these “Life Skills” and instills them into the students at every opportunity. When Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee was asked what he thought was the most important attribute a black belt could possess he answered “Humility”.  We here at SMAC, we take pride in our students accomplishments and it makes me proud watching them succeed both in Martial Arts and in life.



Smith Martial Arts Center

Best Martial Arts Program in the Cincinnati Area

We offer what we believe is the best martial arts program in the Cincinnati area, located in Northern Kentucky, conveniently close to I-275 exit 8.

Smith Martial Arts Center offers dynamic martial arts classes in a fun action packed environment. Our students are learning self defense all while improving themselves both physically and mentally. Once enrolled, your journey will include training in forms, weapons, sparring, board breaking and self defense. All of our instruction is age appropriate.

Classes for All Age Groups

We offer classes tailored for all age groups. From a Traditional Taekwondo Belting program for anyone 4+ to our SMAC Defense classes for various age groups, and adult cardio kickboxing classes are all part of our curriculum.

Rigorously Trained, Certified Instructors

Our  instructors undergo a rigorous and continual training program. Coming from a diverse background in martial arts training, our instructors provide self defense lessons that are not only influenced from Taekwondo but also Muay Thai, Boxing, Karate, Jujutsu, Judo, Krav Maga, Traditional wrestling and Marine Corp Hand to Hand combat training. 

Active in Our Community

We are active in the community and provide progressive instruction geared towards real world scenarios that kids face today. We periodically conduct seminars on woman’s self defense and have fund raisers for charity organizations. Please bookmark my site and check the Upcoming Events if you wish to participate in one of these seminars.

Not Just Training, A Personal Journey

Martial Arts training is not just any “run of the mill” exercise program. It’s a personal journey that stimulates both the body and mind, therefore keeping you excited about training. Building confidence, self esteem, self awareness and knowledge about the mechanics of the body. While you are learning self defense, you are becoming physically fit.

Advanced Placement Program

Already in another system? Ask about our advanced placement program. In most cases, you can keep your current color belt and not give up all the hard work you already put in to your present rank.