SMAC Cardio Kickboxing-Ages 16yrs and up

This class offers intense, muscle-sculpting exercises that will work your arms, shoulders, abs, thighs, and butt all in one workout!  Kickboxing is a fun and effective cardio workout that engages the entire body and is a great way of staying fighting fit for any eventuality.  Here at SMAC we incorporate realistic self-defense tactics to not only make this class a great cardiovascular workout, but to give you practical tools that you can use should ever the need arise.  Kickboxing burns an average of 500 calories an hour and burn up to 810 calories an hour, according to "Fitness" magazine.  It also releases stress!

Traditional ATA Taekwondo-Ages 4yrs and up

A traditional Taekwondo program that concentrates on self defense and physical fitness. Students in this program will learn about the history and philosophy of Songahm Taekwondo, and experience the dynamic techniques that has made it the most popular Martial Art in the world. All while increasing your strength, flexibility, dexterity, coordination and balance. You’ll soon realize that you are sick less often. When you do get sick, you’ll recover quickly. You will have more energy and sleep contently. Remember, Martial Arts training will enhance every aspect of your life. It’s a personal journey that stimulates both the body and mind, therefore keeping you excited about training. Building confidence, self esteem, self awareness and knowledge about the mechanics of the body. While you are learning self defense, you are becoming physically fit.  

Once started, you will notice a dramatic improvement in these qualities below as it is a focus of our teachings. While these qualities are something you already possess, we work to improve and accentuate these positive traits. Family and friends will notice that you have more confidence in your stature. Increased discipline at work, home or school. A positive attitude and higher self esteem. You will turn focus and perseverance into attaining goals. Beaming with respect and integrity.

Specializing in Self Defense for the real world.

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Filipino Martial Arts Training-Ages 14 and up

Filipino Martial Arts and PAC -“PAC” stands for Pacific Archipelago Combatives.  PAC is a weapons-based martial art system with roots in the island chains of the Pacific.  Sticks and bladed weapons are prevalent for farming purposes in many countries and have evolved into martial arts out of necessity.   Although the system is primarily weapons-based, it also contains hand-to-hand and ground fighting elements because of its real-world foundation.  Students can expect to learn drills that develop muscle-memory skills that will be applicable in self-defense.  As a value added, students will develop strength, agility, and coordination.  PAC is suitable for any size person as it does not require a great deal of strength to be proficient.  For further investigation of this martial art, please type “Eskrima or Filipino Martial Arts” in to your favorite search engine.